MidEuropa focuses on businesses in the Consumer, Healthcare, Services and Technology sectors.

We can invest in other sectors when we see the potential to share our relevant experience with management teams who can benefit from our expertise as well as that of our portfolio companies and our network of experts.



A fast-changing sector across the world as the landscape evolves and people’s consumption habits change. Central Europe's consumer landscape has evolved fast over the last 30 years and now closely follows global consumer trends.


A resilient growth sector offering an opportunity to improve medical outcomes, expand accessibility and drive patient engagement through managerial excellence and technology.


A dynamic sector which has grown in scale and opportunity as our region has evolved and integrated itself into a global ecosystem. We support companies which have technology-enabled and data driven business models, both to drive their growth and to assist their transformation into digital leaders.


A sector which underpins almost all of today’s growth by offering ways for people and companies to live and work better. Embracing new and upcoming technologies can help firms to innovate, better serve end users and provide more sustainable products and services.