Our 25-year history combined with our growing network of professionals mean we have proven expertise and innovative ideas to draw on.

Fund Shack Podcast with Robert Knorr: Fascinating 25-year Journey of Investing in Central Europe

Robert Knorr, Managing Partner of MidEuropa, was delighted to join host Ross Butler for a conversation with Fund Shack, a leading global podcast for alternative investment professionals

Three tips for supporting women’s career advancement in private equity

At MidEuropa, we recognise the importance of fostering gender diversity and empowering  women to reach senior positions within the historically male-dominated arena of private equity. As a member and sponsor of Level20, we are committed to driving this change internally

Building a national champion: the rise of Profi

Stores and sales more than tripled and headcount doubled as Profi drew on MidEuropa’s proven sector expertise in scaling retail businesses to create Romania’s leading supermarket chain

How can you turn a carve-out into an independent success in just 2.5 years?

Carving a strong but underloved business out of a larger entity can inject fresh energy and enthusiasm into a team. The independence and subsequent accelerated growth of premium software business Symfonia saw three acquisitions help double revenues in just over two years, illustrating the phenomenal impact an experienced partner with focus can have

Marrying artificial intelligence with human experience to enhance outcomes

Combining the efficiencies of AI with the care and thought of human expertise can revolutionise outcomes. MidEuropa is working with its portfolio to incorporate the latest AI offerings and help companies unlock their full potential

Backing Global Ambition

Business growth can be amplified by venturing abroad, though successful internationalisation requires perseverance and expertise to get it right. An experienced investor can help to realise this ambition

3 key themes for digital in 2023

Change is a constant in the digital world, according to Eddie Short, a Digital/Data/Technology Transformation Leader with over 20 years’ experience. Now a member of the Operating team at MidEuropa responsible for digital transformation, he shares his thoughts on what to expect in this dynamic space for 2023

Patient-driven growth at Regina Maria

True ESG frontrunners are those who placed responsible values at their core before the phrase existed. Regina Maria, Romania’s largest private healthcare provider, is at the vanguard in Central Europe, with the ‘S’ of paramount importance to the leadership team since inception. At the helm is Fady Chreih, CEO, and he shares the firm’s ESG journey

Intive: Turbocharging growth

From a Polish start-up to a global champion, intive’s journey has been phenomenal. At the helm is Gurdeep Grewal, appointed shortly after MidEuropa acquired intive in 2019 with a plan for focussed acceleration of growth

Embracing ESG to accelerate growth

It’s often been said and accepted that the pandemic was an accelerant of change. While leaps in technology and digital are often talked about, the ESG landscape has also made huge bounds. MidEuropa brought its portfolio together recently to talk more about this

Customer is king: modernising retail to succeed

Retail has changed a lot in the last two decades. While the rise of online shopping has brought challenges, some savvy retailers have learned a customer-centric focus is key to success in today’s marketplace – which offers opportunities for those who grasp them

Operating at maximum effectiveness

The right hands-on support can amplify the growth of private equity-backed businesses. Operating teams are an effective way of creating and protecting sustainable value