As individuals and as a team, we conduct ourselves in line with our core values. These comprise Partnership, Entrepreneurship and Integrity.



MidEuropa are one team, operating regionally and cohesively to drive growth with our portfolio partners through true alignment and ambition. This in turn creates meaningful value for the businesses we back as well as our investor partnerships.


Integrity underpins all we do at MidEuropa. We engage openly, honestly and fairly with our investors, portfolio, staff and advisers. We believe that developing and growing people with trust is crucial for them to grow businesses sustainably.


Our entrepreneurial spirit means we naturally strive for high performance, are inherently creative when it comes to growth and innovation, and we empathise with the tenacity of the teams we back.



Investment Team

Aneta Biernat-Herominska

What advice do you have for someone considering a career in PE?

I can think of few jobs that are as interesting as being an investment professional in private equity, so if you’re tempted, go for it. Analysing a number...

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Operating Team

Alain Beyens

What drew you to join MidEuropa?

I’d spent 25 years in consumer businesses, including five years as an adviser to MidEuropa. This time gave me excellent insight into the firm and its peop...

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IR & Finance

Martina Redmond

How would you describe the culture at MidEuropa?

The culture is one of hard work; it’s fast-paced, collaborative, hands-on and very professional. It’s also increasingly diverse, which is necessary to ...

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Investment Team

Rustam Kurmakaev

What is the most exciting opportunity right now in Central Europe?

We are seeing an accelerating pipeline of technology and technology-enabled businesses coming from our region. It’s bringing a lot of young companies and ...

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