Alpha Medical


December 2012 – April 2017




Tests performed
Add-on acquisitions

The leading laboratory diagnostics provider in Slovakia and the Czech Republic


MidEuropa acquired Alpha Medical, the leading laboratory diagnostics provider in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, in December 2012. The transaction took place after four years of market tracking, and a year after investing in Polish lab group Diagnostyka, which sparked conversations about Alpha’s Polish business and eventually led to the full sale. 

Alpha Medical provides a full range of routine tests (over 55 million annually), and has a strong presence in specialised testing, such as genetics and pathology. Alpha Medical’s revenues are generated through contracts with health insurance companies, which reimburse tests performed as part of contracts with doctors, private clinics and hospitals.

With healthcare spend converging with Western European benchmarks and an increasing focus on diagnostics and preventative care, Alpha Medical had a lot of potential and worked with MidEuropa over the hold period to accelerate market consolidation and strengthen its market position. 

MidEuropa sold Alpha Medical to Unilabs in April 2017.


Partnership highlights:

  • Completed 28 add-ons since the initial acquisition
  • Acquired Euromedic Labs in June 2014, achieving market leadership in the Czech Republic and generating significant synergies
  • Acquired leading Czech and Slovak specialised testing laboratories including Gendiagnostica (genetic testing), Viameda (allergology and immunology), and NaP (lab operations of three hospitals)
  • Broadened the network of labs and collections points
  • Increased number of laboratory tests performed from 25 million to more than 55 million


Value creation:

  • Acquisitive Growth
  • Operational Excellence