December 2018 - present




Increase in number of e-commerce shipments (since acquisition)
over %
Shipments delivered within 24h
Improvement in courier efficiency (since acquisition)

Romania’s leading courier, express and parcel service provider


In December 2018 MidEuropa led the acquisition of Cargus, Romania’s leading courier, express and parcel service provider. Cargus serves over 8,800 B2B and B2C clients as a last-mile delivery specialist, operating a nationwide network of five hubs and over 38 stations connected by over 220 line-haul routes. 

MidEuropa entered discussions with the sellers over two years prior to the transaction, which allowed early market diligence, investment thesis formulation and formation of a buy-in management team to address the value creation opportunity. The investment thesis was based on market growth, re-positioning towards e-commerce and operational improvements aided by technology upgrade. 


Partnership highlights:

  • Improving the service offering and pricing strategy by becoming the quality leader in the market and introducing innovative services enabled by upgrading technology infrastructure
  • Improving cost and network efficiency through operational best practice 
  • Expansion into e-commerce value chain through acquisition of fulfilment operator and organic expansion into out-of-home solution


Value creation:

  • Digitalisation
  • Acquisitive Growth
  • Organic Growth acceleration
  • Operational Excellence