April 2011 - present




More tests performed annually
Sales growth
Add-on acquisitions

The largest medical laboratory chain in Poland


In April 2011 MidEuropa acquired a strategic stake in Diagnostyka, the largest medical laboratory chain in Poland offering comprehensive diagnostic laboratory services to hospitals, corporate and individual customers. Shortly after the investment, MidEuropa supported the transformational acquisition of Teresa Fryda Laboratorium Medyczne (Fryda) in December 2011. Since then, the company has completed over 120 follow-on acquisitions, which, combined with strong and consistent organic growth, have created an undisputed market leader.

Drawing on its deep experience in the healthcare sector years prior to the investment, MidEuropa recognised the attractive consolidation opportunity for laboratory services in Poland. Diagnostyka operates in a very promising, long-term growth sub-sector within healthcare services, fuelled by significant under-penetration and the relatively low long-term cost of providing services which have high positive impact on healthcare outcomes by emphasising early detection and preventive treatments. The company serves patients through a capillary nation-wide network of over 1,000 collection points, and eight regional and over 200 local laboratories across Poland, processing large volumes in a very cost-efficient way.


Partnership highlights: 

  • Revenues increased ten-fold during MidEuropa’s investment
  • Market-leading margins despite charging some of the lowest prices in Europe, due to high cost efficiency
  • Best nationwide coverage of over 1,000 collection points, eight regional and over 200 local laboratories
  • Nearly 150 million tests performed annually, almost six-times more than prior to MidEuropa’s investment


 Value creation: 

  • Acquisitive Growth
  • Operational Excellence
  • Digitalisation