Pigu Group


June 2021 – present

Consumer / Technology

Baltics, Finland


The largest e-commerce platform in Baltics
Countries of presence

The largest generalist online marketplace platform


MidEuropa led the simultaneous acquisition and subsequent merger of UAB Pigu (Pigu) and Hobby Hall Group OÜ (HHG) in 2021 to create the largest generalist online marketplace platform operating across three Baltic states with a growing presence in Finland.

The MidEuropa team had been closely following Pigu and HHG for several years and developed close relationships with their management and shareholders. As a result, MidEuropa became well-placed to sponsor, mediate, and execute this complex proprietary transaction which also saw two founding shareholders of Pigu and HHG rolling over significant portions of their existing investments alongside MidEuropa’s controlling stake in the Company. 

With several million registered customers across four countries and several thousand merchants onboarded onto its proprietary marketplace platform, Pigu Group is expected to continue leading the development of the Baltic region’s rapidly growing digital economy by offering the best-in-class value proposition and online shopping experience for its customers and merchants alike. 


Partnership highlights:

  • Structurally growing e-commerce markets in Baltics 
  • Strong marketplace momentum further reinforced by larger scale achieved by the combination of Pigu and HHG
  • Well-invested digital infrastructure with high proportion of direct traffic providing strong foundation for future growth


Value creation:

  • Acquisitive Growth
  • Operational Excellence
  • Organic Growth