intive – Developing people-centric digital products to positively impact society

September 20, 2023

intive is a global technology company that combines deep industry expertise, user-centric design and world-class software engineering. Intive’s approach creates digital services that empower users, deliver business value, and make an impact on society.


intive has over 20 years of experience innovating with clients across many industries, which include Telecommunications, Retail, Automotive, Transportation & Hi-Tech, FinTech and Media & Communications. In its most recent ESG report, published in 2021/22, Intive introduced its ESG strategy which was based on the following materiality assessment: 


Source: Intive 2021/2022 ESG report


2022 Highlights: a spotlight a human-centric workplace


  • intive’s employee engagement survey: intive conducts a biannual Employee Engagement Survey to receive staff feedback and implement improvements. According to the results of the Employee Engagement Survey 2022, 90% of “intivers” feel comfortable with their colleagues and 92% feel they can count on their help.
  • Women in Tech: Every year, intive celebrates International Women’s Day to champion women’s empowerment and all of the ways in which women continuously promote authenticity, resilience, strength, and courage. As part of this celebration, intive organizes webinars and workshops and shares employee insights on what it’s like to be a woman in the technology sector. Intive also offers internal workshops with female role models and promotes female talent as external representatives.


Female representation on the Extended Leadership Team is at 25% as of 2022.

Read more of Intive’s efforts in their 2021/2022 ESG report.