MEP Consumer / Retail Roundtable

August 11, 2021
MEP Consumer_Retail Roundtable_3

The pandemic is catalysing or accelerating a number of challenges and opportunities in the consumer sector.


MidEuropa recently hosted a virtual roundtable which looked at current trends, most pressing challenges and key opportunities in this space. The session discussed:


  • Increasing input cost (raw materials, packaging, energy, fuel) pressure – but the ability to pass the price rises onto customers is largely determined by the strength of the brand and market positioning; at the same time, there is a strong pricing pressure coming from the growing power of discounters / private label
  • Longer lead times  as global supply chains not yet fully recovered
  • Pressure on wages and offshore hiring  owing to difficulty in recruiting workers across CEE for certain roles across multiple skill and experience levels
  • Heightened focus on health(ier) products, sustainability, provenance and niche/innovative categories
  • Rise of online and direct-to-consumer channels as consumers continue to spend more time at home and travel less


Experience sharing can be very beneficial, which is why we bring together our 40-strong portfolio (past and present) for regular dialogue.