We work closely with leadership teams to support their growth plans by bringing our capital and expertise to each business we back.

M+ Group

M+ Group is the leading independent outsourced contact centre and BPO services provider in South East Europe

Regina Maria

Regina Maria is a leading premium integrated private healthcare services operator in Romania

Moji Brendovi Group

Moji Brendovi Group was created by bringing together dairy group Imlek, confectionery producer Bambi, and mineral water producer Knjaz Milos

Polskie Koleje Linowe

Polskie Koleje Linowe is the largest mountain tourism operator in Poland whose seven sites include two in Zakopane, Poland’s most popular tourist destination

Alpha Medical

Alpha Medical is the leading laboratory diagnostics provider in Slovakia and the Czech Republic


Walmark is the largest independent food supplements and over-the-counter player in CEE

Kent Hospital Group

Kent Hospital Group is a leading private healthcare group based in Izmir, Turkey


Waberer’s is the largest road transport company in Hungary and one of the largest road freight transport companies in Europe


Zabka operates one of the most modern and fastest-growing retail networks in Poland


Diagnostyka is the largest medical laboratory chain in Poland offering comprehensive diagnostic laboratory services


Energy 21 is a leading independent operator of solar energy plants in the Czech Republic


Invitel in the second largest fixed line telecommunications and broadband provider in Hungary